About Our Studio

Our Guarantee

Here at SipsandSnips, we’ve been creating beautiful arrangements for more than 10 years.  That’s right we’ve been family owned and operated. And we intend on staying that way.  At SipsandSnips we have FUN!!   We have private classes for your group of six or more people and up to 12 people.  Phillip is our designer that will instruct you to make a beautiful arrangement that you take home and enjoy, this is art and your arrangement will be beautiful.  We are not going to send you home with a jacked-up arrangement. Call us at 205-624-4700  or 205-481-1062 to schedule and we will explain to you in detail.  More than 75 percent of our clients  have retuned for a second visit!  

We stand behind our guarantee that all of our flowers, arrangements  will meet your standards. We’re so committed to making sure we can meet all of your needs for FUN!

"Celebrate The Art"